Music Video
         for Where Is My Mind? - Renee & Jeremy



Animated sequence (0:00 - 0:35)
         for music video Sam Fischer - I Got To Live
Directed by
              Kimberly Stuckwisch


Cel Animation 

            for D'zzit  Clothing Compain Autumn & Winter



Animation content for Purple Brain Co.

on the theme of loss



BentoBox Entertainment Summer Internship Portfolio

(Duration: June 2018 - August 2018)

Directed & Animated Promotional Material

            for Documentary Adulting


Drifting Social Media GIF by Cassie Shao

Storyboard & Shot Design

            for Music Video Why Call the Police by J-Fever


Untitled-Artwork (3).png
Untitled-Artwork (1).png
Untitled-Artwork (4).png
Untitled-Artwork (2).png
Untitled-Artwork (6).png

Transition Animation ( Illustrated assets provided )

            for Stage Play Painted Skin Beijing production of 2018